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This is an exclusive residential housing project noted for its boutique style and unique location. The project has a total of 20 properties, including garden apartments and penthouses. All the properties are spacious and bright, with spectacular views of the sea. The project is located in a beautiful valley overlooking the Mediterranean, making it a perfect location for those looking for a coastal lifestyle on the Costa del Sol.

What makes this project so special are the unique features it offers. The interior spaces are large and open plan, allowing for a seamless transition to the expansive terraces that extend from each property. This creates a seamless design environment that seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors.

In addition, each apartment comes equipped with a Jacuzzi and a small private pool on its terrace, allowing residents to relax and enjoy the warm climate of the Costa del Sol in the privacy of their home. Access to each property is via private elevators, which further increases the elegant and exclusive atmosphere of the project.

In short, this boutique residential project is a unique and exclusive place for those looking for a coastal lifestyle on the Costa del Sol. With spectacular views of the sea, spacious interior and exterior spaces, and unique features such as Jacuzzis and private pools, this project is an impressive option for those who seek comfort and luxury in a quiet and exclusive environment.

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